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What Are the Common Pool Damages That Require Pool Repair Services

Obvious Signs That Your Swimming Pool Needs to Be Fixed

A pool in the backyard can raise the value of your home. There is no denying that swimming pools are a terrific investment and provide your family with hours of outdoor fun. However, you’ll need the assistance of swimming pool contractors if your pool needs to be repaired. But how can you tell whether you need pool repair services? Below are 3 of the common pool damage signs that you need to be aware of.

Lime Staining

There are various thoughts on why pool plaster will get stained. It’s due to the debris that comes from the cleaning process that leaves stains on the plaster. The debris from the cleaning process is almost impossible to remove, especially if the damage is severe. The pool plaster’s discoloration could result from a chemical reaction between the chemicals used to clean your pool and the pool plaster. Stains from chemicals left on your pool are also common. Those are some of the common signs that you can look out for. If you notice these signs, contact a pool expert right away. They can help you with your repair needs.


Deterioration is a common problem with your pool. This can result from your pool’s lack of maintenance or poor condition. Deterioration will have various signs and symptoms. You might notice the pool plaster has holes in it and the pool plaster has cracks on it. Your pool’s plaster will become chipped and broken. Deterioration can also be a result of your pool’s poor condition. This is why it’s crucial to have a professional evaluate your pool on a regular basis.

Water Pasting

Water paste is a common sign when your pool plaster has large cracks in it. This is one of the signs that will tell you to have your pool fixed. It’s one of the common pool damage signs that must be paid attention to. Your pool will start to look cloudy, and you’ll see plaster that looks like it’s starting to fall off.

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