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Our Residential and Commercial Pool Repair Service

Like all things after some time, pools require repair or maintenance services in order to keep them working properly and for as long as possible before complete replacement. We offer a residential and commercial pool repair service in Palm Desert, CA so that you can enjoy the relaxing addition to your home. Most people don’t realize that if they get the proper routine maintenance on all of the features of your pool, you can avoid having to do repairs.

Warning Signs For Pool Repairs

Most people only use their pools in the warmer seasons, which means they are probably not paying much attention to it during the colder ones. While it is important to maintain your pool properly no matter what season it is, it is also crucial to know when you are in need of a professional pool repair service. VM Pool Service - Palm Desert does a lot to ensure that your pool is in the right condition for you to use and swim in. From chemical balancing to testing and even broken lights – we can handle it all. Some signs that you need to hire a professional repair team include:

Chemical Imbalance: if your skin or eyes burn when you go into the water of your pool, this could mean that there is something not right with the chemicals and they are in need of proper balancing.

Our team can properly inspect your pool and determine the repairs that should be done in order to get it in working as well as safe swimming condition.

Quality residential pool repair service in Palm Desert, CA

Trust The Professionals

VM Pool Service - Palm Desert has been in business since 1986, providing pool services for our clients in the area ever since. Our team strives to deliver exceptional and quick repairs in order for you to be able to use your pool. With our pool repair service in Palm Desert, CA, you won’t have to go without a swimming area for long.

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