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More Reasons to Leave the Pool Repair Services to Professionals

DIY Can Be Costlier

For pool owners, one of the most rewarding investments can quickly become a headache without proper maintenance. Though DIY-ing a pool repair project may be tempting, it is almost always costlier in the long run. Even the most experienced handy-person, who has some experience carrying out backyard repairs, should reconsider trying to correct an issue in the pool themselves. Let’s dive deeper into why.

Dangerous Erosion

Water splash over the pool walls is a sure sign of eroded mortar, which can lead to torn pool liners, leaked water, and structural damage if left unaddressed. While the erosion itself is not a difficult problem to identify, unfortunately, home remedies such as sealants, silicone, and patch kits are only temporary solutions, since the sealant can go bad after prolonged exposure to chlorine and the patch may lift over time.

Faulty Equipment

DIY-ers often replace parts of the pool, such as pumps, filters, and pipes on their own, particularly because of the cost of calling in a professional. However, if the part you are replacing is not of good quality, chances are it will fail to perform its task. This could lead to a significant and recurring expense down the road, as the part will have to be replaced again sooner.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking and cracked pipes are among the more difficult, yet more common pool repairs. Replacing a leaky pipe doesn’t require much skill, but the complexities of where and how to correct the issue are best left to a professional. Pool water travels through plastic pipes, so it is usually best to have the right material and tools on hand before attempting this type of repair. If the leak or crack beneath the ground, you might need to contact an excavation expert to dig, repair and refill the area.

Cracking Pool Walls

Cracked and plastering pool walls may be a sign of a deeper problem. When trying a DIY repair, there is no guarantee that the patch will match the rest of the pool wall or that the patch will hold for an extended period of time. Over time, the patch may begin to deteriorate and cause another crack. The best way to avoid this situation is to call an expert.

Whether you are in need of new parts, pool wall repairs, or a pipe leak diagnosis, it is best to go with a specialist. VM Pool Service - Palm Desert can offer you comprehensive pool repair service with parts and labor all under one roof. Contact us at (760) 237-2617 today and find out more about the pool services we can provide in Palm Desert, CA.