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Acid Washing From a Professional Pool Service Provider

When you are looking for a professional pool service provider to help you maintain your outdoor luxury feature in pristine condition, you can rely on the experts at VM Pool Service - Palm Desert for expert assistance. Situated in Palm Desert, CA, our company has serviced all aspects of pool maintenance and problems faced by pool owners, from tough-to-handle repairs to scheduled water pH leveling. Here, we are going to discuss the process for delivering a complete acid wash of your pool.

A Few Things You Need to Know First

Pool water should be changed at least every four to five years. This is because it comes a time when the water doesn’t hold the chemicals, and this results in the need for an acid wash which our company offers. Once we fully discuss the condition of your pool and further assess the quality of the water, we will give an estimate of our labor, and begin working.

The Process

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We will first acquire the necessary equipment, before acid washing your pool, and take special precautions to ensure the safe working practices we guarantee. We will use special pumps to drain the pool, leaving it completely dry. After that, we will inspect for any cracks or other damage and do everything possible to fix them. Once that is done, we will use special paints to repaint the entire pool, and then refill it with a perfectly pH balanced water, after the paint dries off.

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